Brands we love versus brands we buy

RapidCampaign Report

In a price-driven and highly competitive online market, the retailers that consumers love are not always the retailers they buy from.

In fact our research reveals that as many as 60% of UK online shoppers change their buying habits based on promotions.

And those habits are not always changed in the way you might expect. Promotions can actually influence people to spend more or make purchases they wouldn’t otherwise have made.

They also may not be looking for promotions in the places you might expect. In fact younger generations are most likely to just look for them on your website.

New research shows that retailer promotions directly impact the buying habits of consumers, influencing them to spend more, buy from retailers they would not normally choose and make purchases they would not otherwise have made.

The full results are presented in a new report, The Brands We Love v The Brands We Buy, which reveals:

Download the report now to find out how to become a retail brand that consumers love and a brand they buy.